Historically, the leadership of our country has turned to Almighty God in prayer for strength and guidance. In this same spiritual tradition, we join together each year at the Livonia Community Prayer Breakfast. Our attendance and participation in the meal and prayer demonstrates the dependence of our community and ourselves on God and our faith in the future under His guidance.

The Livonia Prayer Breakfast is a version of the National Prayer Breakfast held annually in Washington, D.C. Inaugurated in 1953 by some members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, these events are now held in many states and cities throughout our nation.

The Livonia Prayer Breakfast was initiated in 1975 by an ecumenical group of citizens and continues as a voluntary spiritual communion. Its focus has been on bringing inspirational speakers to communicate positive, faith-filled principles that will inspire people to think globally and act locally.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Livonia Community Prayer Breakfast, Inc. is to communicate positive, faith-filled principles that inspire and empower people to reach their maximum spiritual and personal potential. It is a reaffirmation that people of goodwill, standing together, can transcend racial, geographic or cultural differences, and create unparalleled opportunities for community progress.

Committee Members

Ken McMullen, Chairman
Thrivent Financial

Jay A. Young, Vice Chairman
Livonia Public Schools Foundation

Sally Butler, Secretary
Community Representative

Laura Gutierrez
St. Mary Mercy Hospital

William Fried
Fried & Associates

Jerry Smith
First Presbyterian Church, Plymouth

Carol M. Strom
Schoolcraft College

Lisa Drouillard
Community Representative

Debbie Ferensic
Livonia Chamber of Commerce

Terry Marecki
City of Livonia

Sue Rosiek
Hometown Life Observer & Eccentric News Papers

Jessie Cox
Madonna University